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Produced in Durango by Maestro Mezcalero Gilberto Roldán.

Ultramundo Lamparillo from Gilberto Roldán Quezada is milled by hand with an ax. The agaves are then fermented with wild, ambient yeast in open-air, in-ground, oak-lined wells for two to four days. Once fermented, the agave is distilled twice in a wood-fired copper pot with an oak wood condenser and a copper coil.

Ultramundo Mezcal is an agroforestry project. They’re attempting to foster a balanced relationship with nature through craft spirits, specifically artisanal mezcal, using the agaves from their 24,000-acre ranch in Mapimí, Durango. They leave at least 20% of the agaves that reach maturity to do what they do naturally: go to seed and regenerate their population.

Notes of green pepper, jalapeno, olives, root beer, brown sugar.

47% abv