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Mixed Cultured Beer w/  Dapple Dandy Pluots 

For this very special bottle, we added 300 pounds of fresh, local Dapple Dandy Pluots from Frog Hollow Farms to two of our best mixed culture saison barrels. Pluots, which are a cross between plums and apricots, have a great balance between sweetness, acidity, and tannin, as well as a beautiful pink and purple color. Dapple Dandies, also known as Dinosaur Eggs for their spotted skin, are subtler and softer than other varieties (perfect for Temescal right?). The saison aged for two years in well loved red wine barrels, slowly maturing as the mixed culture worked it’s magic.

The results are spectacular - ripe fruit, bright acidity, slightly tannic, a fun bit of funkiness, and a lovely rosy color. If anyone asks for a sour, this is the beer for them.

Chill for 24 hours before opening. Pour carefully to avoid disturbing the sediment. This beer is ready to drink now. Do not age.

Appearance: rose gold, pinkish orange, white head that slowly dissipates
Aroma: Ripe stonefruit, lemon, fresh hay
Mouthfeel: Dry, tannic, puckering
Flavor: Ripe stonefruit, sourdough, fresh hay