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This drinkable blonde ale was brewed with one of the popular fruit flavors of AsiaYuza (the Korean name for Yuzu), which gives our beer a crisp citrus aroma and flavor with a light and lingering taste that feels refreshing, sweet and bracing.

4.9% abv

Dokkaebier: Pronounced “DOH-kay-beer." We take our name from dokkaebi (도깨비), the mysterious, shape-shifting creatures found throughout Korean folklore. Described as playful and mischievous spirits, the dokkaebi loves to eat, drink, and be in the company of others.

As a lover of good times and good company, our dokkaebis have come with a mission to experiment with beers, especially with their favorite ingredients from all over Asia. Some you may love, some may challenge the palate, but that’s ok! Because Dokkaebier is continuously creating new, fun flavors to keep your taste bud tickled.