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Founded in 2017 by Yoshihiro Sako, Den Sake Brewery is the first sake brewery in Oakland, California. Sako brews small-batch sake using traditional Japanese brewing methods and proprietary techniques adapted for the California climate.

Den Sake's original flagship ‘Den’ is brewed using a single origin rice varietal called Calhikari which is grown by Rue & Forsman Ranch ( in the Sacramento Valley. Their goal was to make a sake with higher acidity which would pair beautifully with California cuisine. The higher acidity is created by tweaking the temperature of the mash during the fermentation process.

Low temperature fermentation results in a sake with a subtle, elegant, fruity aroma.

Each batch is slightly different. However, the core characteristics are always similar since we use the same ingredients (yeast, koji, rice and water) with every batch.

Aroma is laced with honey, white flower, white peach, koji-rice, summer squash & key lime. Well-structured on palate, with gentle umami, depth, in a frame of acidity, finishing with young bamboo-shoot Shibumi (astringency) that makes this batch another superb food-pairing Sake.

16% abv